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Mom 2.0 Summit: Brands should expect to pay bloggers for content

May 7, 2012


TweetShare  Heading back from Mom 2.0 Summit in Miami right now. No, I didn’t get my picture taken at A1A Beachfront Ave. It’s unfortunate, but life goes on. I was working the conference for a client, so I didn’t attend many of the sessions. But I did have time to catch one on the ROI [...]

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Top 10 reasons PR has to be thankful in 2011

November 21, 2011


TweetShare  Thankful, thankful, thankful. Everyone is talking this week — and this month, for that matter — about what they are thankful for. Yes, I know I ended that sentence before with a preposition. But that’s what people say — What they’re thankful for. I don’t think my journalism professor would mind. Since everyone is [...]

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How to save your client money when managing a Twitter chat

November 17, 2011


TweetShare  Want to save your clients a few thousand dollars? I knew that would get your attention. But seriously, the next time your client asks about hosting a Twitter party/chat, you can save them a few thousand dollars by recommending they forgo working with a vendor and manage the chat themselves from start to finish. [...]

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7 ways to go the extra mile on your pitches

November 3, 2011


TweetShare  Got a pitch for my blog today. I was kind of honored at first. I don’t get many pitches for my blog. Then I read the pitch. And I was no longer honored. I was just annoyed. I’m not going to call out the company. But let’s just say they did a few things [...]

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3 things blogging and the Dewey Decimal System have in common

October 19, 2011


TweetShare  You remember the Dewey Decimal System, right? Well, if you’re over the age of 25, you probably do. You know, that card catalog. In the library. Some might call it the original search engine. We used it to help us find the books we were looking for. Before there was “the Google” and “the [...]

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Faces of MBC Provides a Different Take on Breast Cancer

October 13, 2011


TweetShare                   This post originally appeared on Geoff Livingston’s blog here. Geoff is an incredibly thoughtful blogger who supports a variety of important causes. I encourage you to read his work when you have the time.   Close your eyes for a second and lean your head [...]

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Guest post over at Deirdre Breakenridge’s place: A pitch to PR to focus more on owned properties

October 12, 2011


TweetShareHi, all. Been traveling this week so I’m taking some time away from the blog. But I did write a couple of guest posts, including this one called “A pitch for PR to focus more on earned properties” over at Deirdre’s blog PR 2.0. Would love to hear your thoughts. Here’s a sneak peek: What [...]

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10 best practices for blogger outreach to moms

July 26, 2011


TweetShare                      According to eMarketer, one in eight moms who are online blog. Think about that. Now add in that 75 percent of moms use social media sites. We’ve been doing blogger outreach at FHKC since long before I got here, but those numbers still astound [...]

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PR should never pay bloggers, right? Never say never…

July 19, 2011


TweetShare                      The “Is it ok for PR to pay bloggers” debate took an interesting turn earlier this month at EVO Conference. Actually, it didn’t really take a turn at all. From what I gather (I wasn’t there, so getting it all secondhand), one of the [...]

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The two defintions of pay to play

May 10, 2011


TweetShare                            Pay to play just sounds dirty. Especially for those of us who studied journalism or PR in school and were brought up on journalistic ethics and earned media. But that was then. This is now. Seasons change. People change. I sacrifice [...]

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Why it doesn’t always make sense to go after A-listers

March 21, 2011


TweetShare              Can you get me on Oprah? We’re looking for someone to get us in the Wall Street Journal. I see our brand on the front page of USA Today, The New York Times and The Washington Post. We could get The Huffington Post and Mashable with this story, [...]

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