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Top 10 reasons PR has to be thankful in 2011

November 21, 2011


TweetShare  Thankful, thankful, thankful. Everyone is talking this week — and this month, for that matter — about what they are thankful for. Yes, I know I ended that sentence before with a preposition. But that’s what people say — What they’re thankful for. I don’t think my journalism professor would mind. Since everyone is [...]

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7 ways to go the extra mile on your pitches

November 3, 2011


TweetShare  Got a pitch for my blog today. I was kind of honored at first. I don’t get many pitches for my blog. Then I read the pitch. And I was no longer honored. I was just annoyed. I’m not going to call out the company. But let’s just say they did a few things [...]

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3 things blogging and the Dewey Decimal System have in common

October 19, 2011


TweetShare  You remember the Dewey Decimal System, right? Well, if you’re over the age of 25, you probably do. You know, that card catalog. In the library. Some might call it the original search engine. We used it to help us find the books we were looking for. Before there was “the Google” and “the [...]

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Guest post over at Deirdre Breakenridge’s place: A pitch to PR to focus more on owned properties

October 12, 2011


TweetShareHi, all. Been traveling this week so I’m taking some time away from the blog. But I did write a couple of guest posts, including this one called “A pitch for PR to focus more on earned properties” over at Deirdre’s blog PR 2.0. Would love to hear your thoughts. Here’s a sneak peek: What [...]

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