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5 from South By: I’m on Twitter and LinkedIn…Why won’t you hire me?

March 25, 2012


TweetShare                Usually when we talk about social media on this blog, we’re talking about how brands use the tools to connect with customers. But at SXSW, my Fleishman-Hillard teammates and I got to talk with Social Media Club about using these  tools for a different reason — to [...]

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Competition vs Collaboration

September 20, 2011


TweetShare  Remember those group projects we had to do in college. It was always a group of four. You, one classmate who was fairly reliable, one who thought that everything she said turned to gold, and some dude who signed up for the class specifically because he knew the final was a group project and [...]

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Guest post: Selling doesn’t have to be a dirty word

March 30, 2011


TweetShare                  This guest post by Valerie Simon is part of an in-depth series on selling in the communications consulting world. Robert Louis Stevenson once said, “Everyone lives by selling something,” but I think most people have a fairly similar reaction to Justin when they hear the term [...]

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Having a social media policy is no longer optional

January 19, 2011


When is honesty not the best policy? How about when it costs you your job. Enter Glen Busch, the former director of the Chicago chapter of Coats for Kids, who was fired earlier this week for comments he made on his personal Facebook page about the deadly Arizona shootings involving Congresswoman Gabrielle Gifford.

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