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Defining measurable objectives

May 29, 2012


TweetShare  The other day, I got home at 9:05 p.m. and ran to the gran the TV remote as fast as I could. Yes, we watch a lit of TV. Anyway, the Scandal season finale was on and I forgot to DVR it. So quickly, I flipped on the TV, hit guide and set it [...]

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5 from South By: The Social Media ROI question

March 16, 2012


TweetShare  Most South By Southwest panels are standing room only and this one was no different.  The moderator asked questions about the next big thing in social media, the panelists provided their two cents and the attendees nodded their heads. It was a good discussion, one worth rolling out of bed early on a Sunday [...]

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What you need to know about the Barcelona Principles

August 9, 2011


TweetShare                  This post was originally written for the Fleishman-Hillard Intranet. FH’s Don Bartholomew contributed to this post. How much do you know about Barcelona? To be honest, up until the last year or so, it was just a city I had heard people rave about in Spain [...]

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30 things we learned from @AnnWylie, @KellyMcB and @Shonali at #kciabcbcs

March 3, 2011


TweetShare           This post is exactly what the headline says it is. Our Kansas City IABC chapter hosted the annual Business Communicator’s Summit today and we had three amazing keynote speakers — Ann Wylie, Kelly McBride and Shonali Burke. You’ve no doubt heard of the 3 Wise Men. Well, this trio [...]

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Social media can’t change culture…but executives can

February 25, 2011


TweetShareSo I was sitting here thinking about what to write or whether to write at all. I mean, who sits at home and writes blog posts on a Friday night? Answer — a 31-year-old guy whose wife is out of town at a bachelorette party enjoying much warmer weather and much better drinks. Plus, this [...]

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8 questions to help explain influence

February 17, 2011


Influence is one of those raise-your-hand topics. As in, when you mention it online or offline, every person raises his/her hand because everyone has an opinion. That’s not a bad thing. The first time I heard someone mention influence, it was about as clear to me as William Shakespeare was the first time I read it. But once you’ve be’d, not be’d, done some research on the topic and developed a better understanding, how do you explain influence to a person who has never had a reason to understand it — a person like your client’s CMO?

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What does a guaranteed impression actually guarantee?

February 7, 2011


I’m sick of hearing about guaranteed impressions. Scratch that. I’m sick of hearing about guaranteed impressions as a stand-alone success metric for marketing campaign evaluations. Know what I mean?

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