52 Comms Mixup video 11: Anna Barcelos

June 15, 2011

52 Comms Mix Up


When I think IMC and B2B, I think of Anna Barcelos. Follow Anna at @abarcelos on Twitter.









Integrated marketing communications (IMC) is one of the most interesting topics in our industry because so many people talk about it but so few companies are actually putting it into practice. IMC is hard. It takes time. It’s a culture shift of the nth degree. You have to take down silos that have been built up over years and years and are a part of a company’s culture.

When I think about the people who have taught me the most about IMC, Anna Barcelos definitely comes to mind. Besides being co-moderator of #IMCChat on twitter (Wednesday nights at 8 EST with Beth Harte), Anna always brings that integrated mindset to the table. Part of understanding and implementing IMC is knowing what it actually means and what overall purpose it serves. If you’re looking for answers to those questions, or thoughts on the convergence of B2B and digital, Anna if someone you need to meet.

Check out what she had to say on those topics and more below. And you can follow Anna at ten24web.com or on Twitter at @abarcelos.



  1. I think of you as someone who really understands B2B marketing. Some people think digital and social media have less of a role to play with B2B than B2C. How would you respond to that POV? How do you all use digital and social at ten24 Web Solutions?
  2. You co-moderate #imcchat with Beth Harte on Wednesday nights. What have you learned from that experience? I know you all talk a lot about what it really takes to make IMC happen. And your Twitter bio says “Allergic to status quo,” which I love. Do you have to be allergic to status quo to make IMC a reality in corporate America?
  3. Your Twitter bio also says Bookworm. What kind of books do you like to read? Best book you’ve read lately?
  4. The last question is always reserved for you to tell us about a cause you care a lot about. What’s your passion?

And here are the links to the books Anna mentions in question three:

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Justin, here's the link to that 2011 B2B Outlook Report from Google for your readers. Enjoy!

Marketo was nice enough to put it on their website http://www.marketo.com/_includes/wp/resources/wp-c...