52 Comms Mixup video 12: Stephanie Wonderlin

June 24, 2011

52 Comms Mix Up


I've learned a lot about mobile from Stephanie and I'm even starting to like QR codes.













Six months ago I would have told you QR codes were a bunch of BS. See, I’m all about usability and the user experience behind them really bothered me. Three months ago I still wasn’t a fan. But Stephanie Wonderlin and her colleague Tim Hayden at 44Doors have been working on changing my mind. And I think I’m actually starting to come around…largely because of the way Stephanie and team explain and approach mobile technology as a tool that can help companies achieve marketing and communications objectives.

That’s part of what Stephanie and I discussed on this week’s #52CommsMixup. We also talked about her interactive social media show, Tweetheart TV, even though she wouldn’t completely reveal her secrets behind the cool video clip links she embeds in her episodes. We talked about her son, Chase, who is always showing up in Facebook and Twitter pictures that crack me up; like the one the other day where he was making some phone calls on her iPhone from the back seat. And finally, we discussed a cause she cares a lot about, since it hits close to home with her niece — down syndrome.

One of my favorite parts about this video series is how much I learn from the interviews, and Stephanie is no exception. Take a listen and let us know what you learned in the comments. Cheers.



  1. Long question here…For as long as I’ve known you, you have been a strong advocate of mobile and now you’re working with it every day at 44Doors. I’m a bit of a QR code skeptic, so I want to hear your take. But also, what’s next when it comes to mobile. What three things need to be on a company’s radar?
  2. You’ve done some amazing work with Tweetheart TV, the first online social media show (Did I get that right?). Tell us your vision for the program but also, how do you execute it behind the scenes? Filming, editing, YouTube videos within videos…How does it work?
  3. I love all the great pics you share of your son on Facebook and Twitter. What’s the best part of being a mom? Most recent “best” story about your son?
  4. The last question is always reserved for you to tell us about a cause you care a lot about. What’s your passion?

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