52 Comms Mixup Video 18: Jason Mollica

October 27, 2011

52 Comms Mix Up



How I met Jason Mollica is a great microcosm for relationship building online or offline. Basically, we hung in many of the same PR circles (#prstudchat and the like), but it was baseball that actually introduced us. Our first conversation was about Carlos Beltran — currently playing for Jason’s favorite team, The Mets, and used to play for my favorite team, the Royals. Gotta love sports.

In this #52CommsMixup interview, Jason talks about his job search, his approach to blogging and creating consistent content, and his job as a PA announcer for the Buffalo Bisons minor league baseball team. It’s not every day you meet a professional baseball PA announcer.

If you don’t follow Jason on Twitter, you’re missing out. Check him out at @JasMollica and strike up a conversation about baseball or anything else you like. He’s one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet and he’s a smart PR pro. Whatever company hires him in the near future is going to be very happy with their decision. You can also find Jason blogging at OneGuysJourney.Wordpress.com and PR Breakfast Club (prbc.com).

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