52 Comms Mixup video 19: Nikki Little

November 10, 2011

52 Comms Mix Up



We all know people who seem to do awesome work at their job, are involved in every professional organization you’ve ever heard of and still have time to devote to giving back to the community. Nikki Little is one of those people. Oh, and she authors a blog too…one that’s well worth your time.

I first met Nikki in person at SXSW earlier this year. We were part of a group that had lunch with Ramon DeLeon — you might know him better as #RamonWOW — at Fogo De Chao. Definitely one or my more memorable SXSW experiences. I almost didn’t go to that lunch because of another commitment. But I’m definitely glad I did.

I think you’ll learn a lot from what Nikki has to say in this interview, She talks about how her agency, Identity PR, takes an integrated approach with clients but still offers specialists in each of the services they provide. She gives insight into how she and three colleagues manage Identity’s social media presences. And she talks about the number of organizations and causes with which she’s involved…and what she gets out of them. Yep, I got a lot out of the conversation. Even if she is a Detroit Tigers fan from the Mitten State :) .

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tnixon16 7 pts

Great job, Nikki. Couldn't have described the Identity operational model better myself! (Though, I would've used more references to dancing nymphs.)

Nikki Little 46 pts

This was so fun! Thank you for including me in your 52 Comms Mixup feature.

And yes, I'm a VERY proud Detroit Tigers fan from the Mitten State. Can't wait for baseball season to start up again so we can talk Twitter smack to each other about the Tigers and Royals. ;)

JGoldsborough 242 pts moderator

Nikki_Little Absolutely. Did you see the trade the Royals made this week? Got Jonathan Sanchez from the Giants for Melky. Improving that pitching staff, slowly but surely. Now we just need to draft a Verlander :).

Nikki Little 46 pts

JGoldsborough Nice! Maybe KC will find its Verlander some day. Until then, I just hope he stays with the Tigers!