52 Comms Mixup video 21: Kansas City YMCA and #KCCacheDash

March 22, 2012

52 Comms Mix Up

The Challenger Program and Challenge Your Fashion event is just one of many ways the Kansas City YMCA helps our community. Please consider giving back at http://bit.ly/DonateYMCA ...every little bit helps. (Image credit: ChallengeYourFashion.com)


How much do you know about geocaching?

No matter what your answer is, you probably knew more than me when Jake Jacobson invited me to participate in this weekend’s KC Cache Dash — a scavenger hunt combining GPS technology and social media connectivity to pit teams against one another in the search for treasure troves hidden across the metro area, all while bringing awareness to several local charities.

I know, kind of a long description. But there’s a lot too it. Opencaching.com defines geocaching as a real-world outdoor treasure hunting game. And they ought to know. So Saturday, four different teams will be treasure hunting across the KC metro area to benefit four local charities. Alisha Templeton from Ameristar, myself and a geocaching expert (#TeamRRSport) will be tooling around the city in our Aristocrat Motors Range Rover with our Garmin GPS trying to find the most caches so we can win first prize — $1,000 — for the Kansas City YMCA.

How much do you know about the Kansas City YMCA?

I knew about the Kansas City YMCA through the Challenge Your Fashion Event the Royals sponsor every year. We’ve been the last couple of years and that’s why I wanted to support this organization. But what’s great about an event like this is when you partner with a nonprofit like the Kansas City YMCA, you learn so much more about all the work they do for the community.

Paula Oxler and Nick Bromberg from the Kansas City YMCA filled me in earlier this week. Basically, the YMCA is a pillar in the Kansas City community. From swim lessons, to Challenger to summer camp and much more…more than 5,600 KC YMCA volunteers help more than 80,000 kids in our community live healthier lives and reach their potential. Pretty awesome if you ask me. And the Kansas City YMCA being a part of #KCCacheDash makes total sense because as Jake explained to me, geocaching is a way to use technology to keep kids and families active. Check out the video above for more details from Paula and Nick.

How can you help?

One of the main reasons we’re doing the #KCCacheDash is to benefit the nonprofit organizations involved. Here’s how we can help the Kansas City YMCA:

- Donate. The Kansas City YMCA can’t put on all these great programs and help all these amazing kids without our help. Every little donation makes a difference.

- Volunteer. People like you help the Kansas City YMCA make a difference every day. Please consider volunteering to be a youth coach, a summer camp counselor or to help in some other way.

- Follow and share. Make sure you are connected to the Kansas City YMCA’s blog, Twitter and Facebook. Then help share what the organization is doing to make Kansas City a great place to live during #KCCacheDash and every day.

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