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Are you pitching bloggers? Do you want to conduct blogger outreach as part of your PR campaigns? Would you pay a blogger to work with your brand or your clients? Careful how you answer that last one with bloggers in the room.

There are a variety of perspectives about blogger outreach out there. However, most of the time, we hear them from agency folks or corporate PR reps. But what do the bloggers think? Well, we at FHKC were lucky enough to have four mom bloggers join us and one of our clients for a blogger panel this morning. We recorded the panel and will share that video soon. But for now, here a few of the tweets that caught my attention the most.

The bloggers that joined us today were Candy Tai (@Mommypalooza), Rita Arens (@RitaArens), Mary Carver (@MaryCarver) and Kim Borchert (@PrairieMama).

Tweets from the panel (The bloggers shared this info, I just tweeted it)

  • Interesting pitch stories from @PraireMama. She’s Mormon, doesn’t drink alcohol or coffee. Still gets pitched by those brands though. #fhkc
  • I get so much e-mail, @ritaarens says, that often the first line of a pitch is what you have to get her attn. #fhkc #pr20chat
  • Blog monetization. @ritaarens — “Don’t think brands should ask 2 send products back. If I was journalist, be getting pd 4 my time.” #fhkc
  • @MaryCarver: Worst is something sent to me that says “Dear Diane.” Pitches with wrong name. Delete. #fhkc
  • Sometimes bloggers will even do reviews they aren’t asked to do if have a strong relationship with the company. (via @prairiemama) #fhkc
  • @mommypalooza says “Know your blogger. I make it painfully obvious I’m a boy mom, still get pitches for girl’s stuff.” #fhkc #pr20chat
  • @RitaArens — When you send bloggers product to review, consider sending enuf for all kids. An issue bloggers pay attn to. #fhkc
  • @PrairieMama has 3 kids and another on the way “Would like to see more pitches about experiences for my whole family.” #fhkc
  • Worked w/ Wisk. Gave me, my kids science experiments 2 do w/ it. Readers loved it, especially kids POV. (via @MaryCarver) #fhkc
  • @RitaArens brings up interesting point — Tell the blogger how u are measuring success. Share campaign goals. #pr20chat #fhkc
  • Moms want to make blogging not a hobby, but an income stream (via @RitaArens). #fhkc
  • Bloggers asked: “How do u maintain transparency, authenticity?” Won’t review things I wouldn’t use. Always disclose. #pr20chat #fhkc
  • Good blogger pitches will include suggested verbiage for disclosure (via @MaryCarver). #fhkc
  • No blogger say “I’ll let u pay me 2 say…” Well, no blogger w/ integrity. Will enter pd relationship. (@via PrairieMama). #fhkc #pr20chat
  • @RitaArens makes grt pt. Most bloggers do have a sense of integrity. Not just going to run the press release. #pr20chat #FHKC
  • Think of bloggers like you would venture capitalists. What’s the story behind your brand? #FHKC

Hope these insights are helpful. I learned a ton. We’ll share the video soon. Cheers!

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