52 Comms Mixup Video 17: Rochelle Veturis

October 4, 2011

52 Comms Mix Up

Rochelle (right) and her sisters have set a great example when it comes to building relationships via social media.


If you’re looking for someone who understands the value social media can provide to our work as PR professionals, look no further than Rochelle. She (@RochelleVeturis) and her sisters (@HaleyVeturis, @ChelseyVeturis) have made a name for themselves on Twitter simply by being open to meeting new people and catching their attention with creative hashtags. But Rochelle takes it a step further.

As PR Director for @LPAInc, a green architecture firm, Rochelle puts social media to work for her company on a daily basis. Check out her tips in this video on 1) using Twitter lists to stay in touch with media and bloggers, 2) creating viable video and blog content for owned channels and 3) positioning the content brands create in PR pitches to catch media’s attention.

Rochelle is a fun follow on Twitter, but she also has a lot to teach any PR pro who wants to do a better job building relationships. And isn’t that what PR is really all about?


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