Taking sides: Should all companies be engaging in social media?

Cartoon courtsey of TomFishburne.com

Should all companies be engaging in social media? First, let me point out that I’m generally distrusting of absolutes like all, but for the purposes of this discussion lets just go with it. The answer to the question, in my opinion, is “no.”

Why Klout scares me; Hint: It’s not the tool itself

Photo from Klout.com

Klout scares me…a lot. But not because of the tool itself. No, I’m much more scared of the lazy PR and marketing pros who are looking for an easy way out when it comes to tracking influence; one number they can search within less than five minutes, use to prioritize an outreach list and call it a day. You can’t measure the impact of PR/Marketing efforts with one or two numbers. You couldn’t do it (accurately) with impressions and you can’t do it with Klout score either. Both numbers are just one piece of the puzzle, one chapter in the story.