PR 2.0 Chat TV, Episode 2: Social media planning

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PR 2.0 Chat TV is a new #pr20chat community feature Heather Whaling and I are kicking off in 2011. Our model is one 5-minute segment once a week highlighting current PR/social media trends and/or a popular topic on the current week’s #pr20chat. We expect PR 2.0 Chat TV to evolve and would love your input on how to make it better. And please share any potential discussion topics in the comments.

Trying to get on a schedule with PR 2.0 Chat TV where we film every Wednesday and publish Thursdays or Fridays, fyi. This week’s topic came from a MarketingProfs article highlighting that only 12 percent of brands believe they are using social media effectively. Heather and I thought that stat was fascinating, considering the increased investment corporations continue to make in strategy and tactics involving social media.

So why do 88 percent feel they’re not using social media effectively? What do you think? How do you help your clients show the success of their social media efforts? Here’s our take:

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