PR 2.0 Chat TV, episode 3: Chuck Hemann on influencer relations

PR 2.0 Chat TV is a new #pr20chat community feature Heather Whaling and I are kicking off in 2011. Our model is one 5-minute segment once a week highlighting current PR/social media trends and/or a popular topic on the current week’s #pr20chat. We expect PR 2.0 Chat TV to evolve and would love your input on how to make it better. And please share any potential discussion topics in the comments.

Chuck Hemann is VP of digital strategy and analytics at Ogilvy. He blogs at Analytics is King and has recently shown a significant passion for the influencer conversation — specifically how PR pros are going about researching, identifying and conducting outreach to influencers.

In his visit with us on PR 2.0 Chat TV, Chuck talks about how influencer outreach and identification is one of the “gold rush” topics for 2011 and why it’s about a lot more than just a Klout score or a traditional media list.

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Laurent 8 pts

Hi Justin,
Left a comment on Heather's blog. I think what helps in that field is to see social media as a network of niche "virtual communities". Scores that mix everyone from every field of interest don't do justice to what it really is. Nowadays, we live in a world of specialists and you can be an expert in 1, may be 2 domain, but thats about it. When gauging influence, relevance is tha way to start. We need to evaluate individuals based on the signals given by their piers. For example, evaluating the influence of someone blogging about beauty in the context of the beauty bloggers community (we found ~2000 of them here) leads far better results than accross the board. That's what we do here. If a brand want to id the best influencer for their marketing activity, start with the community(ies) relevant for them, then pinpoint those whose content is related to the brands message. We're only relevant to someone about something.


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